Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters

Factual error: As Pellew and Hornblower return to the Indefatigable, they go aboard a ship's launch. In the Royal Navy, when boarding a small boat, the senior officer always boards last, so he can disembark first. Captain Pellew boards before Lieutenant Hornblower.

Plot hole: When it becomes apparent that the British will have to retreat, Matthews is instructed to disable the cannon. He reports to the Mr. Kennedy that he has spiked the cannon (a method of temporarily rendering the gun useless) and that he had, "blown the trunnions off for good measure." This would have turned the cannon into rather large boat anchors, so why bother investing valuable time in spiking them?

Factual error: When the royalist troops land in France, Hornblower's division has the job of transporting 2 12-pound-er naval cannon. These each weigh in excess of 18cwt, and yet 3 men unload them from the ship's boat. In actuality, the gun barrels were transported suspended in the water between two boats, then dragged up onto the beach.

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