Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters

Corrected entry: Sir Edward Pellew meets with Lord Hood at the beginning of the film, to be given orders to transport and support a Royalist invasion of France. According the A&E's timeline, this meeting takes place in 1797, however, at that time, Hood was governor of Greenwich Hospital, not a member of the British Admiralty.

Correction: This is a fictional story that happens to use a few historical individuals as characters, not a documentary covering real events. As such, the filmmakers are under no obligation to be accurate to the personal histories of those individuals.

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Factual error: As Pellew and Hornblower return to the Indefatigable, they go aboard a ship's launch. In the Royal Navy, when boarding a small boat, the senior officer always boards last, so he can disembark first. Captain Pellew boards before Lieutenant Hornblower.

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