The Gods Must Be Crazy

Continuity mistake: When Kate ask if Sam Boga is scared to admit he's made a mistake, Sam Boga is carrying his rifle in his hand. When it cuts Sam Boga has his rifle shouldered. (01:24:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Mpudi is working on the car, he throws an engine part away. Andrew then tells Mpudi to be quiet, and in the next shot Mpudi throws the same engine part again. (00:26:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: After getting Xi out of prison they take off in their jeep, and you can see a crew member wearing an orange shirt reflected in the jeep's window. (01:11:10)

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Narrator: They're very gentle people. They'll never punish a child or even speak harshly to it. So of course the kids are extremely well-behaved, and their games are cute and inventive.

Narrator: The rhino is the self appointed fire prevention officer. When he sees a fire, he rushes in and stamps it out.

Mpudi: I'm teaching him how to drive, just for the hell of it. There's nothing else to do around here.

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