Daydream Believers: The Monkees' Story

Factual error: When the audience are watching the pilot, Davy says "It's Russell!" But in the actual pilot, it's Micky who says it.

Factual error: When Mike punches the hole in the wall, he says to Harris that it could have been his face. In reality, he said that to Don Kirshner.

Factual error: As shown here, the Beatles really did throw a "welcome" party for the Monkees when they came to the UK. But unlike what is shown here, neither Mike nor Davy attended the event.

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Trivia: One scene features sheet music being corrected with Liquid Paper. That product was invented by Michael Nesmith's mother.

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Harris Green: You're crazy, you know that? Do you have any idea what you have just given up?
Peter Tork: You can never move forward standing in the same place, Harris.
Harris Green: Yeah, well, let's see how many records you can sell when you're not in people's living room.

Question: According to the IMDB, Peter Tork has an uncredited cameo in this film. Does anyone know where in the movie his cameo is?

Chosen answer: He's reportedly in the background during the scene where Kirshner, Harris and Van are discussing the Monkees' Hawaii concert tour.

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