Ashes to Ashes

Episode #1.8 - S1-E8

Factual error: When the bullion van leaves the yard a 1995 N reg Rover 600 is parked on the left hand side of the road, before Ray drives off in his Granada. In 1982 the Rover 600 was not even on the drawing board.


Show generally

Character mistake: Series 1, Episode 3: When Alex tells Ray she will re-trace his steps for clues linking to the murder of a girl, he says, "Don't worry, lads! Wonder Woman's here!" Alex replies, "FYI DI Carling." Ray is a DS, not a DI.


Show generally

Factual error: The Audi Quattro used throughout the show has single unit rectangle type headlights. These type of headlamps were not used until the 1983 model year for that car. The earlier type were of four smaller separate square headlights.

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Trivia: When Alex goes into the Blitz Club, she hands her coat to the cloakroom attendant, saying, "Thank you, George". This is a sly reference to the singer Boy George, who, before becoming famous just one year later, really was the cloakroom attendant at the Blitz Club.

Trivia: In Episode 1 Series 1, in the opening scenes, Alex drives past a building where we see a man apparently ready to jump off the roof [probably intended as a reference to the final episode of "Life On Mars"]. However, it is not a person but a statue. In July 2007, several of artist Anthony Gormley's "Naked Man" statues were placed randomly around London. The "Sam" figure on the building was one of them. This figure was placed on top of the Hayward Gallery in the Southbank Centre.

Gene Hunt: Fire up the Quattro!

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