The Survivors

Continuity mistake: In the diner, Walter Matthau has nearly finished his piece of toast, and then it gets bigger.

Continuity mistake: While stuck in the field, the Cadillac is shot in the left front fender. In the final scene, when Robin Williams gets out to walk, the bullet hole is gone.

Continuity mistake: When the Cadillac runs off the road, it lands wheel deep in soft, powdery snow. When the occupants are trying to free the car, but it hasn't moved yet, the car is now sitting on top of a broad expanse of hard-packed snow.

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Donald: Well, I was nervous.
Jack: What about me?
Donald: Oh, come off it, man. You're so cool, you piss ice cubes.
Jack: It's a hereditary thing in my family, y'know. Uhh, nerves, colitis, y'know.
Donald: Colitis? Y'know, that must be horrible being a professional killer with colitis.
Jack: Yeah, that's what.
Donald: They hear you coming, don't they?

Donald Quinelle: OK, Mr. Honky Mo-Fo... take your best shot.

Doreen: I never thought I'd be contemplating marriage to a man who owned an automatic assault rifle.
Donald: It's not automatic, hon. It's semiautomatic. Automatic weapons are illegal. And why are you using the word "contemplating?"
Doreen: I just mean, Donald, you seem so different.
Donald: Hey, Frizzer, I'm no different, I'm just armed.

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