Good Luck Chuck

Revealing mistake: When Jessica Alba is in the dentists room with the chipped tooth, it's very obvious she's wearing a set of false teeth over her teeth.

Deliberate mistake: In Antarctica when Charlie and Cam kiss, their tongues become froze together but this is impossible as it would take a freezing object for this to work.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Charlie is playing the Xbox 360 his friend comes in and he puts down the Xbox controller, but it changes position between shots.

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Trivia: The Medical Building that Chuck and Stu have their offices in is named the Seltaeb Building - "Beatles" spelled backwards.

Trivia: In the scene where Chuck and Stu are playing frisbee, the hat that Chuck is wearing is the Super Club hat from Dane Cook's previous film, Employee of the Month.

Cam Wexler: Shit! Shit shit shit... pardon my French.
Charlie: I speak a little French and that sounded like "shit."

Cam Wexler: Why teeth?
Charlie: Same reason as every other dentist. Couldn't get into med school.
Cam Wexler: That's funny.
Charlie: My parents didn't think so.

Stu: I'd suck a fart out her asshole and hold it like a bong hit.

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