Good Luck Chuck

Corrected entry: While Stu and Chuck are in the park playing frisbee, over Stu's right shoulder a woman carrying a soda sits down at a picnic table twice.

Correction: The two scenes are distinctly different; the woman could easily have sat down and gotten back up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jessica Alba is at her car and gets locked out, she needs to go back to her house to get her spare set of keys. The car she drives is a Toyota, Prius. This car unlocks when it senses the key and therefore it is impossible to lock your keys in the car.

Correction: While keyless entry is standard on the Prius, the Smart key which unlocks the door when approaching the car is optional, meaning if she did not choose the option, the door must be opened either with a remote, or manually with the standard key. If she left the remote in the car, it would be possible to lock the keys in the car.

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