Death Note

Revealing mistake: After Raye has finished writing down the agent's names onto the piece of paper on the subway, the "dead" man next to him can be seen swallowing. (00:57:30)


Continuity mistake: When talking to the bus driver who was part of the hostage situation, Naomi is given a photo twice.


Light Yagami: The law has its limits.
Shiori Kashino: Everything has limits.

Ryuuk: Raito, you are worse than a god of death, you are the true devil.

Ryuuk: You know, Light... you're more of a Shinigami than any Shinigami I ever met.

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Question: Does anyone know when the release date for the DVD is in the UK?

Chosen answer: According to, there is still nothing planned, though the first volume of the manga is coming out on April 28. See for further DVD release updates.


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