Death Note

Light uses the Death Note to arrange the death of his girlfriend Shiori (shot by Naomi) and Naomi (suicide), the fiancee of FBI agent Raye Iwamatsu, who gave him the list of agents that are in the Kira investigation. By specifying Naomi's death the way he did, it looks as if Naomi lost her mind, deeply affected by her fiancee's death, threatened Shiori and Light, killed Shiori and then killed herself; this also eliminates suspicion that Light is Kira. Light's father and the police show up and Light tells his father that he wants to be part of the Kira investigation which is good for him because that way he'll get closer to L and then kill him. Light and L meet for the first time; L welcomes Light to the investigation team and still suspects that Light is Kira...


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