I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Continuity mistake: In the shower scene where the soaps are dropped, what Larry is holding changes constantly. He goes from holding a white tube of something, to holding what appears to be a green shampoo bottle, to digging in a zippered case with his stuff in it, back and forth and around, several times.

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Continuity mistake: When Chuck is talking to the lawyer in the pharmacy, there are several instances where his chain goes from being under his shirt, to over his shirt and vice versa.

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Ian Mugford

Continuity mistake: When Alex runs her cart into Chuck's cart at the store, Alex is reading a book with her glasses on. The camera shoots the carts hitting each other, then Alex talking to Chuck (with her glasses on), then Chuck talking to Alex and back to Alex without her glasses. The rest of the scene is shot with Alex's glasses hanging in the middle of her shirt. They never show Alex actually removing her glasses and hanging them.

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Trivia: In the scene where Adam Sandler and Kevin James ask each other questions in preparation for the trail, they ask each other when their birthdays are. The birth dates they state are the actors' real-life birthdays. Adam Sandler 9th September, Kevin James 26th April.

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Trivia: The bedtime story Chuck reads to the kids is the same book that Miss Lippey reads to her first grade class in Billy Madison.

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Question: Is Matt LeBlanc one of the dancing football players at the costume party?

Chosen answer: No. He was not.

Paul Brannon

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