I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Corrected entry: Rob Schnieder, as the minister, refers to Canada as the 'Commonwealth of Canada' as opposed to the 'Dominion of Canada.'

Ian Mugford

Correction: The phrase "Dominion of Canada" is about 50 years of out date. It's never used any more and I doubt that a minister would say it. The country is only properly referred to as "Canada".

Corrected entry: In the scene where Larry catches Chuck and saves his life, we are shown Chuck falling on top of Larry, since he's falling from above, but in the next cut, we are shown Chuck on the bottom, with Larry falling on top of him.

Correction: I can see how this could be a little confusing, but what actually happens is that Larry tries to catch Chuck, but Chuck hits the floor rather than landing on top of Larry. Because Larry grabs onto Chuck, Larry is pulled down on top of Chuck by Chuck's momentum.

Corrected entry: When they show Steve Buscemi's license plate "GOTCHA" you can see where they shaded around the letters to give it the look of a stamped plate. That would be fine if NY used stamped plates! NY license plates (including the newer style like depicted here) are a completely flat sheet with printed numbers, not stamping, and have been that way for years.

Ian Hunt

Correction: I live in New York and I know, for a fact, we use stamped plates.

Corrected entry: There is a scene were Kevin James & Adam Sandler are riding around in the Fire Truck, and Kevin makes fun of Adam's bracelet. Then a few scenes later, it shows Adam & Jessica making that very same bracelet from before. How could he have already been wearing it, if it hadn't been made yet?

Correction: Perhaps this was corrected for the DVD version, but the scene where Jessica and Adam make the bracelets for each other happens well before Kevin makes fun of it. in the fire truck (which would be the proper sequence obviously).

Corrected entry: In the scene were Jessica Biel & Kevin James are walking out of the courtroom to meet back up with Adam Sandler, Adam asked James and Jessica how it went. While they are telling him, he asked Jessica if she wants him to touch her breast again to see if they are real. However,the scene where Jessica asked Adam to feel of her breast, had not happened yet.

Correction: This is completely wrong. The breast feel scene happened before the court scene. The court was as the very end of the movie.

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