The Monster Squad

Audio problem: In the mansion, the boys open a secret passage and fall through the floor. They scream after shining a flashlight on a skeleton. Eugene then can be heard whining that he wants to go home, but his mouth is not moving.

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Continuity mistake: When fat kid is confronted by the Gillman and has picked up the shotgun, he looks inside and sees E.J. and another kid hiding behind the counter. Fat kid begs them to let him in. E.J. and the other kid shake their heads no and lower themselves behind the counter. A few seconds later, a distant shot shows the two shaking their heads and lowering themselves behind the counter again.

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Deliberate mistake: When the vortex is summoned to get rid of the monsters, other things get sucked into it. Cars, trees, light poles, other police officers. However other things or people who are more accessible do not get sucked in. For example, Phoebe hiding behind a bench, the bench itself, Phoebe's mother and a few cops hiding behind a cop car, etc.

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Trivia: When Dracula grabs Phoebe and she screams, that was a real reaction from her because she was afraid of him when he was in full make-up.

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New this month Trivia: Stan Winston's face was the model for the Wolfman.

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Question: How does the dog get into the tree house?


New this week Answer: It's unknown how the dog got into the treehouse. After the boys put their hands on top of each others, the dog puts his paw on and Rudy questions how the dog got in with none of the boys being able to give an answer.

Chosen answer: Obviously it is carried up there by one of the kids.


Question: Is it ever explained where to or even why the monsters are being moved?

Chosen answer: This is never explained.


Question: What was the point of Dracula blowing up the clubhouse? He obviously knew the kids weren't there because he tells the father that he is going for his son.

Chosen answer: He's pissed off at the kids.

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