Factual error: In the scene where Vince returns to his dorm room and finds Dennis Franks has moved in, Franks informs him that Coach Vermil is mixing the veterans with the rookies. In 1976, Dennis Franks and Vince Papale were both rookies.

Factual error: An Eagles player on the sidelines is wearing a headband with the current Eagles logo. The movie is set in 1976, before the current logo was designed.

Factual error: They show Veterans Stadium with only bleacher seating and a grass field. Vet Stadium had AstroTurf and individual seating, each level of seating was a different color. Also in the opening scene they show two guys leaving early walking up to leave. Later when Vince points to his friends they're shown in the same seats but in the 700 level, which you had to walk down to leave.

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TV Anchor: This is even stupider than I'm used to.

Janet Cantrell: Hey, I grew up with five brothers, but I have no problem hitting a girl.

Tommy: Even if you're down there for an hour, you're down there.

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