Invincible (2006)

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Corrected entry: In the opening scene, the Eagles are playing the Cincinnati Bengals. However, the players on the field are wearing Cleveland Browns uniforms.

Correction: No, they are wearing the correct visiting uniforms for the time, white top with white pants. The Browns visiting uniforms at the time consisted of a white top with orange pants.


Corrected entry: At the scene where locals have shown up to try out for the team, the potential players break out in a spontaneous version of the Eagles fight song, to demonstrate their loyalty to the team. The only problem being that they get the words wrong. The Eagles fight song begins "Fly Eagles Fly"; and the locals in the film sing "Fight Eagles Fight", which is how the second verse, not the first, begins.

Correction: If you listen to the audio commentary with the real Vince Papale he says that the song was diffrent in the 1970s and the way they put it in the movie is how it was sung.

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