Bring It On: All or Nothing

Continuity mistake: In the cafeteria scene, when Britney sits down and the other girls move away, there is rubbish on the table and a can of Pepsi, but after looking at her phone message she stands up and the table is completely clear of the rubbish.

Continuity mistake: When Camille is trying to get Britney to join the squad, she is leaning against Britney's car. Then she lifts herself off and takes a step away. But in the next shot, she is still leaning against the car and stands up again.

Continuity mistake: When Britney is eating her lunch, and gets a phone call on her cell, her can of Pepsi vanishes from her tray between shots.

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Jesse: Dude, I could kick the dude out of you.

Britney: What audition?
Jesse: The Rihanna TV special.
Kirresha: We need them computers.
Britney: Great. You can visit my website,

Amber: We're really going to miss you, Britney. imya.
Brianna: I miss you already too.
Britney: Oh, guys, I'm gonna mysm.
Sierra: D-A-M-N.
Brianna: Sierra, you're not speaking IM. You're just spelling.
Sierra: Oh. Well then, S-H-I-T.

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Question: There is a purple purse with butterflies that Britney wears. You can see it all through out the first day at her school and in the café. Does anyone know who designed it or where I can buy one?

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