Step Up

Continuity mistake: When all of the dancers are preparing for the showcase dance, Nora walks in with hair that has her usual bounce. When she and Lucy are talking in front of the mirror, her hair is almost completely straight, sporting just a few slight waves. When Tyler approaches her backstage, her hair is extra curly. It has only been a few minutes, and there was not enough time for her to have curled it. This is confirmed in the commentary.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after Tyler contributes to the routine (different levels), Nora offers him a ride, then they dance on the rooftop. Her outfit switches and then switches back even though its supposed to be the same day. (confirmed in commentary).

Continuity mistake: When Nora hears that Brett signed without Miles, at the bottom of the stairs her hair is curly, but at the top of the stairs it's straight.

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Camille: Are you going to jail?
Tyler Gage: No, I'm not going to jail. But they will have to take me to jail if you don't start knocking. Get out of here.

Skinny Carter: So, can I still come to the party?
Mac Carter: Skinny! Hey come on.
Skinny Carter: Man, he ain't saying nothing bout me. He said y'all couldn't go to the party. He didn't say nothing bout Skinny. Nothing.
Mac Carter: Will you shut up?

Brett Dolan: This isn't about me or Miles, Nora. It's about Tyler.
Nora: No, Brett, It's about me.

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Question: Why does Director Gordon (the headmistress) say that the damage Tyler did was the cost of a child's tuition, he has cost someone their future? It seems that, if anything, the school would accept that student and use their tuition to pay for the damages, thus helping the child's future.

Chosen answer: Money that could have been used for a scholarship must now be used to pay for the damages. Scholarships aside, the tuition a student pays goes to pay the staff and the normal upkeep of the school, adding a student does not create "free" money.


Question: What is the name of the song called that they dance to in the club? It is when Tyler is in a group of boys and Nora in a group of girls. Tyler then steps out and improvises his own moves.

Chosen answer: It is called "Till The Dawn" by Drew Sidora.

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