Oh, God!

Oh, God! (1977)

Continuity mistake: During the car scene, when God makes it rain, Jerry's hair goes from being dry to wet, repeatedly, depending on the camera angle.

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Continuity mistake: When Jerry Landers wakes up in the night and finds the note on his pillow, he is holding it in his left hand. The next close up shows two hands on the note and then back to one hand.

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Mister Ed

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jerry (John Denver) tells his wife (Terri Garr) about the interview with God, she serves him a full bowl of chicken soup which she sets on the table. When he sits the first time, the soup is there, he gets up to pace and when he returns to the table, the bowl is gone. The next shot is over Jerry's shoulder and he eats 3 spoons of soup. The camera switches back to a front shot and the bowl is empty.

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