The Benchwarmers

Continuity mistake: When Clark gets a text message from his mother, Gus is seen looking down wiping the dust off the pitcher mound with his foot. When it cuts to a wide shot Gus is now looking to his left at Clark.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Benchwarmers are playing Karl's Auto Body and Gus is deciding to get Clark involved in the game, as the camera cuts back and forth between Gus and Clark you can see that the batter at the plate changes between cuts.

Continuity mistake: When Gus heads to the bathroom at Mel's house he is carrying a bag of ice. The next shot of him, he is standing at the urinal and the bag of ice is sitting on the top left of the urinal. The next shot is from the top of the urinal, with Gus is still using it, and the bag of ice is gone. (01:02:05)

Rochelle McCarty
More mistakes in The Benchwarmers

[Playing baseball, Gus just hit a homerun.]
Richie: He just did that steroid free!
Clark: What's steroids?
Richie: Something that makes your pee-pee smaller.
Clark: There must be steroids in macaroni!

[Mel just informs construction workers they have 24 hours to build baseball stadium.]
Mel: If you build it, nerds will come.

Mel: And try to keep it under a billion, it's all I've got...on me.

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