The Black Dahlia

Continuity mistake: In the morgue scene, the coroner states that Elizabeth Short had a wound inflicted on her right hand, but then in the pornography scene, she grips the bed post with her left hand.

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Continuity mistake: When Hartnett's character is having dinner with the Dahlia look-a-like's family, at one point he puts a forkful of food in his mouth and then his hand dangles there with his elbow on the table and the fork in front of his left shoulder. Cut to the next shot of the table and now his elbow is off the table and his fork is much lower and over his plate. The old man is talking the entire time so there is no time lag for him to have moved his hand.

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Factual error: When Josh Hartnett's character pulls up the bathroom tile and find the cash, the bills are labeled "Federal Reserve Notes." Federal Reserve Notes didn't come into use until the 1960s. Back at the time of the Black Dahlia murder, Silver Certificates were in use.

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