The Black Dahlia

The killer of the Black Dahlia is Madeleine Linscott's mother, Ramona Linscott along with Georgie, who is Madeleine's biological father. After Bucky finds the shed next to the house where the movie he had seen with Kay was filmed there along with the nudie film. Ramona was jealous that Georgie liked the Black Dahlia after seeing Emmett's nudie film. Ramona had beaten the Dahlia with a bat and then slit her mouth. Ramona then kills herself with a gun in her mouth. Bucky then goes home to Kay then has a vision of the Dahlia's body on the front lawn then goes inside with Kay.


Factual error: When Josh Hartnett's character pulls up the bathroom tile and find the cash, the bills are labeled "Federal Reserve Notes." Federal Reserve Notes didn't come into use until the 1960s. Back at the time of the Black Dahlia murder, Silver Certificates were in use.

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Ellis Loew: This killer will be caught.

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