Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Revealing mistake: When Kadaj kneels in front of Rufus Shinra, watch his sword. As he kneels, it goes through the floor.

Other mistake: Cloud finds Tifa lying on the flower-patch in the church, after the fight with Loz. When we first see her she has her leather gloves on, then the next shot her hands are bare, and again in the next shot she has her gloves again.

Revealing mistake: In the final battle of Cloud VS Sephiroth, when the Shinra HQ is collapsing, in the final shot of the building collapsing, one of the pieces of rubble is not there for about one or two frames, then it suddenly appears. A slip up in the CGI rendering.

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Trivia: In the FFVII game, Cait Sith rides on a giant white stuffed animal. The reason it didn't appear in the movie is because there was already a rendered wolf and Red XIII; the filmmakers absolutely hated rendering fur, and thus Cait Sith's ride was scrapped.

Trivia: Several times throughout the movie, some of the characters can be seen using their Limit Breaks from the game. (Cloud's are most noticeable since his sword radiates a blue aura just before).


Trivia: Many Final Fantasy purists wonder where Chocobos are in the movie. They don't appear, but there is a Chocobo silhouette on a sign that reads "Chocobo House" at 0:56:04 (in the upper-left corner). (00:56:00)

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Kadaj: So what if I'm a puppet? Once upon a time... you were too.

Tifa Lockhart: Dilly-Dally Shilly-Shally.

Yazoo: Are we having fun yet?
Reno: The time of my life.

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Question: I'm sure Tseng was killed in the game Final Fantasy VII. However he appears at the beginning and end of this movie. Does anyone know why he is still alive? I thought he was killed by Sephiroth in the Temple of the Ancients.

Chosen answer: Actually, you don't see Tseng die. Tseng is only cut by Sephiroth - if you talk to him he says something like "I am...... still alive......". It is the little talk from Elena which confuses so many people into believing that Tseng died - it's actually a mistranslation in the US and European Versions of the PS1 game. Elna says something like: "How dare you do that to my boss!", then: "But you really got guts doin' my boss in like that!" In the PC Version of the game this is correctly translated to "You got guts messing up my boss like that."

Orion Hardy

Question: How was Cloud able to survive being shot in the head in the opening chase sequence? Did the bullet just graze his forhead, or did it bounce off of his protective goggles?

Chosen answer: The bullet bounced off and thereby did not directly hit him. As Kadaj's gang were after their "mother", you can be sure Yazoo did not intend to kill Cloud yet, so he must have aimed for the goggles. It's impossible for the bullet to graze his forehead in that angle, even though Yazoo could have calculated that, too.

Question: I have played through the game several times and viewed this movie at least five or six times completelty, but there is something major I still don't understand. What is the fountain of "water" that appears in the Church and cures the geostigma near the end? The pool that appears right after Kadaj blows a hole in the ground. Is it lifestream energy from the planet? It is the presense of Aerith? What is it? It plays such a huge role but isn't explained at all.

Chosen answer: We're lead to believe that it's the Lifestream of the world.

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