Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Trivia: In the FFVII game, Cait Sith rides on a giant white stuffed animal. The reason it didn't appear in the movie is because there was already a rendered wolf and Red XIII; the filmmakers absolutely hated rendering fur, and thus Cait Sith's ride was scrapped.

Trivia: Several times throughout the movie, some of the characters can be seen using their Limit Breaks from the game. (Cloud's are most noticeable since his sword radiates a blue aura just before).


Trivia: Many Final Fantasy purists wonder where Chocobos are in the movie. They don't appear, but there is a Chocobo silhouette on a sign that reads "Chocobo House" at 0:56:04 (in the upper-left corner). (00:56:00)

Trivia: Though it is never mentioned in the movie, the city sitting next to Midgar, where all of Midgar's citizens now live is called "Edge", as confirmed by the sequel video game "Dirge of Cerberus."

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