Continuity mistake: When the Mayor of New York is talking to the crowds and people can feel the ground bouncing, Godzilla is a fair bit away, but when she is stomping through the streets the people don't feel it at all - shouldn't they be thrown into the air from that proximity?


Continuity mistake: Godzilla noticeably changes size throughout the movie. For example, she is shown lairing in a subway tunnel, but she cannot fit into the Hyde Park tunnel (taxicab scene), which is significantly larger than a subway tunnel. Also, compare the size of Godzilla's eye next to Matthew Broderick during the fish scene and Godzilla's death scene. The eye is way bigger in the latter.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie there are 3 US Navy F-18 planes. The lead plane shows a graphic of 4 missiles, 2 of which he launches at Madison Square Garden. Then later, and without landing, the 3 planes fire at Godzilla, 2 missiles from each plane on both passes. This means the lead plane fired 6 of its 4 missiles.

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Trivia: Near the beginning, when Godzilla first starts his rampage, one of the assistants working at the news channel (the one talking on the phone to her mum) is the voice of Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright).

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Trivia: When O'Neal is checking the taxi's frequency, the sheet he looks at has Scott Collins and Len Wiseman on it. They were prop assistants on this film as well as Stargate and Independence Day, all made by Roland Emmerich.

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Trivia: The mayor is named Ebert and his assistant is named Gene. These two were parodies of two well-known movie critics: the late Gene Siskel (who died in 1999 from complication from brain surgery) and Roger Ebert. They gave bad reviews for "Stargate" (1994) and "Independence Day" (1996) which were also made by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, so this is also their way of getting back at them. The actors who play them also look similar to Siskel and Ebert.

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