In Her Shoes

Revealing mistake: When Rose and her boyfriend are making a toast in her apartment we hear a perfect chiming sound. We can see that they're both holding their glasses by the bowl instead of holding them from the stem. Holding a glass this way would never allow a chiming sound.

Vanessa Moman

Continuity mistake: Maggie carries a bag and black plastic "luggage" when getting off the train and making the phone call. But when she walks into grandma's room, the bag is missing.

Vanessa Moman

Visible crew/equipment: At numerous times throughout the film, especially when Simon and Rose talk on the deck about her not being pregnant, the camera and lights can be seen reflected in Simon's glasses.

Vanessa Moman
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Rose Feller: Was I unfriendly?
Simon Stein: No. Not compared to, say, Stalin.

Rose Feller: What are you doing here?
Maggie Feller: I live here. What are you doing here?
Rose Feller: You live here? In an old folks home?
Maggie Feller: It's a Retirement Community for Active Seniors.

Simon Stein: You look good. You look like you.

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