In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Maggie spills the soda on Ella's floor, Ella folds up the beach towel and puts it on the kitchen counter. When Ella sits down across the room and starts going through her books, the towel is folded next to her instead of on the counter.

Vanessa Moman

Correction: If you watch closely Ella picks the towel up from the counter and carries it across the room with her and puts it down where she is sorting through the books.

Corrected entry: When Maggie finds the birthday cards her grandma sent her when she was a child, the $5 bills inside the cards were the newer issue bills and were not issued at the time the cards were written.

Correction: Actually, the $5 dollar bills were in fact the old version.

Corrected entry: After Maggie leaves the pet parlour she breaks the the heel on one of the high heels and the replaces them with ugg boots. Later on when she is picking up Rose's car from the impound, we see her running along wearing the same shoes she broke earlier on that day.

Correction: Rose changed into the ugg boots for practical reasons. It is more than reasonable to think she changed back into the more glamorous shoes, even if one was broken, to go out drinking with the two guys.

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