Just Like Heaven

Continuity mistake: When David and Elizabeth are trying to find the street address 425, it shows the numerals 425 on a porch with steps starting up from the left side, making a 90 degree turn to the left and continuing up more stairs. There is nothing on front face of porch but the numerals, boarding and stair railing. After Elizabeth says, "Not really" the camera cuts back to the porch and stairs but now there is a light fixture and a window or door on the front face. Then we see David going up stairs from the right side. But when we see them leaving, it appears that they come down stairs that look like the ones from the first scene.

Sheri Hartman

Continuity mistake: When David first sees Elizabeth, he sprays beer all over. At first, we just see a few wet spots up towards David's left shoulder. In the next scenes, his shirt is dry. (00:12:20)

Sheri Hartman

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when David first sees Elizabeth in his apartment, they both start screaming. The camera shows her screaming but then the angle changes to show the side of Elizabeth and she stops screaming, when it goes back to the front of her she is still screaming.

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Katrina: She was like, totally antisocial.
Elizabeth Masterson: Ok, maybe we weren't close friends.
Katrina: She was like a cat lady with no cats.
Elizabeth Masterson: Ok. We're done here.

David Abbott: We were romantic.
Fran: What do you mean?
David Abbott: You know, like boyfriend and girlfriend.
Fran: Yes, I know what romantic means.

Darryl: You've got to let her go man.
David Abbott: How can I when she won't leave?
Darryl: Not your spirit girl.

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Question: What is the alternate ending for this film?

Chosen answer: In the end they are both standing in her garden at the top of the building. He asks, "do you remember me?" She pauses for a moment and replies, "no." And then she walks away.


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