Just Like Heaven

Corrected entry: When we first see the sublet notice, it is tacked to the notice board. When it hits David twice and then when he reads it, there is no tack hole or rip at the top of paper. However, there is a little white line where you would expect the rip to be. (00:09:10 - 00:10:05)

Sheri Hartman

Correction: If the paper tore neatly enough that's all there would be - a small line where the pin tore through the paper and the two sides are now realigned.

Corrected entry: Why can Elizabeth's niece see Elizabeth's undead "spirit" when David goes to the sister's house, but not when she's in the hospital room?

Correction: Either one or both of them were not in the right frame of mind to be "communing" with the other side.

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Corrected entry: The only people able to see Elizabeth are David and one of Elizabeth's nieces. However, in one shot when Elizabeth and David are at Elizabeth's sister's house, the other niece who isn't supposed to be able to see Elizabeth follows her with her eyes as Elizabeth walks away from her.

Correction: Her eyes are not following Elizabeth, they're following the sound she makes when she walks.

Corrected entry: After lying in bed for 3 months during Lizzie's coma, atrophy would have prevented her from being able to "out and about" immediately upon being discharged without weeks of physical therapy.

Correction: The film doesn't show her jumping out of bed, immediately upon awakening, we can assume that some time has passed, when we see Elizabeth again, after, presumably, going through physical therapy.

Corrected entry: Fairly early on, when David is telling his best friend at the outdoor cafe that he's seeing Elizabeth, who really isn't there, the same passerby goes by twice behind Jake.

Correction: It is possible that the passerby turned around after entering a store and is now going back home, or maybe they just realized that they were going in the wrong direction and turned around. There are many other reasons for that guy going by twice, I do that all the time.

Corrected entry: From the bedroom, David's neighbor tosses her clothes through the open door into the hallway to lure him in that direction. When he walks that way, the door is closed.

Correction: Listen closely just after the clothes tossing scene, when it cuts back to David and Elizabeth, you can hear the door closing.

Corrected entry: Throughout the beginning of the film, Elizabeth encounters David and is trying to remember her past. However, before she remembers anything, she's able to remember something so extremely specific as the key under the fire extinguisher?

Correction: That is simply how memory and memory retrival works, it does not always make literal or logical sense.


Corrected entry: There is no way David could have landscaped the roof of Elizabeth's apartment in such a dramatic fashion without causing one heck of a huge commotion and mess since the only way onto the roof was through her apartment.

Correction: There are two possible explanations for this. When Elizabeth woke up, she probably stayed in the hospital for a some time or with her sister. That would give David the time to move, so he probably had a ample time to do the landscaping without detection.

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is "haunting" David, she can't touch or pick up any solid objects. Yet she has no problem sitting down on solid beds, benches and car seats.

Correction: In the DVD commentary, the director explains about believing that as a ghost you can do something easy that you always did when you were alive, such as walk up steps and sit down.


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