Sky High

Character mistake: In the scene where Steve and Josie prepare to leave to fight the giant robot at the beginning of the movie, Steve tells Will "Oh, Will, a reminder: a lot of the kids at Sky High will only have one super hero parent, not two." When he says "one super hero parent", he holds up two fingers. When he says "not two", he holds up only one finger.


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Boy offers Layla a drink at the dance, the amount in the cup changes. Also, after Lash spills the drink on Mr. Boy, half the drink is still in the cup, but in the next shot the cups empty. (01:11:35)

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Audio problem: When Will meets Layla at the bus stop he says to her "You're not going to believe what happened to me last night," however his mouth continues to move after he says this. (00:59:00)

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Trivia: Principal Powers says, "I'm not Wonder Woman, you know." She is played by Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman for the TV show.

Trivia: In 1975 Kurt Russell starred in a Disney movie titled "The Strongest Man in the World" in which he played Dexter Riley, a Science student that invents a formula that gives him super strength. Thirty years later he co-stars in Sky High (another Disney movie) playing Steve Stronghold / The Commander, whose power is once again super strength and is the father of the main character, Will Stronghold, who also has super strength.

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Trivia: Check out the "Aquabats" poster in Will's room. The Aquabats are a band that sing silly songs, while dressed in super-hero outfits. They do this for their videos as well as on stage. A funny little nod to the fact that a super-hero kid would like a band that dresses as super-heroes.

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Principal Powers: I'm not Wonder Woman, you know.

Gwen Grayson: I went through puberty twice for this?!

Warren Peace: Did you want me to heat that up for you?
Layla: Warren, we're not supposed to use our powers outside of school!
Warren Peace: I know, I was just gonna stick it in the microwave.

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Question: Does anyone know what Mr. Boy's power is?

Chosen answer: He doesn't have one. Like Will in the beginning, he was assigned as a sidekick because he didn't have a power.

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Question: How did Lash find the Secret Sanctum?

Answer: Will took Gwen to the Secret Sanctum. Later it's revealed that Gwen is really Royal Pain and since she saw the location of the Secret Sanctum, she would have told Speed, not Lash, as his super speed would be able to get him in and out without setting off the alarm. If Lash had tried to get into the Sanctum, he would have been caught.

He entered while Gwen was still visiting for the first time before she left.

Question: What song is playing when Will dumps Gwen?

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