Sky High

In a world where superheroes save the day from awaiting doom, two superheroes, Commander and Jetstream, are the ultimate fighting force against evil. For Will Stronghold however, these are his parents, Steve and Josie Stronghold. Will is now 14, and is ready to start his first day of Sky High, a top secret school for training superheroes and sidekicks. This is not good for him, as he hasn’t developed his powers yet, and according school, whether someone classed as a superhero or sidekick depends on their powers. So, Will is placed as sidekick along with his best friend Layla (can control nature), Zach (can glow), Ethan (can melt), and Magenta (shape shifts into a guinea pig). Will, due to the pressure of his family’s reputation, now has problem of telling his parents that he is a sidekick and has no powers, when his father had great dreams of them becoming the Stronghold Three, greatest superhero team of all time. What is worse is that Will has no idea whether he will get his powers, and apart from getting dumped in a barrel of toxic waste or getting bitten by a radioactive insect, he may never get them. What makes matters worse it that he now has an arch nemesis, Warren Peace, and there is impending evil upon the school. Soon it will be his time to save the day.


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Principal Powers: I'm not Wonder Woman, you know.



In the scene where Steve and Josie prepare to leave to fight the giant robot at the beginning of the movie, Steve tells Will "Oh, Will, a reminder: a lot of the kids at Sky High will only have one super hero parent, not two." When he says "one super hero parent", he holds up two fingers. When he says "not two", he holds up only one finger.



Principal Powers says, "I'm not Wonder Woman, you know." She is played by Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman for the TV show.