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Corrected entry: When Gwen presents the Hero of the Year award, her voice is magnified, but there is no microphone, nor is there room on her dress to hide one.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Her power is the ability to control technology. The microphone could be anywhere in the room and she can have it pick up her and only her.


Corrected entry: When the car falls on Will during placement, he falls on his back, but when he gets up, he appears to have fallen face down, though he never flips over.

Correction: Actually, he does flip over. It happens in an extremely short time, maybe just a split second before he comes completely into view, but when the car gets lifted off, you can see him sort of roll over onto his front to get up.

Corrected entry: The Sanctum underneath the Stronghold's house is, well, underground. Yet there are multiple skylights. There is one over the pool table, for example. Even for a superhero family, that's a pretty good trick.

Correction: It's just a fancy lighting setup. They do it on sound stages all the time when making movies. Why not in an underground lair to give the illusion of natural sunlight?

Corrected entry: When the Commander is taking Will to the secret sanctum they go down the poles the Commander is on the left and Will is on the right, but when they come out at the bottom the Commander is on the right and Will is on the left.

scaryterri Premium member

Correction: We never see the entire sequence. The opening at the top may be on the opposite side of the one at the bottom.

Corrected entry: When Ron Wilson picks up Will and Layla, he reprimands Will for saying, "Is this the bus to Sky High?". However, 10 seconds later, the back of the bus changes from "School Bus" to "Sky High School Bus".

Correction: The sign on the back never changes. Only the sign on the side changes and then only after Ron says "Next stop, Sky High."

Corrected entry: The Pacifier was originally used on Royal Pain, and when she grew up (for the second time) she still retained her knowledge from her first time around. So, becoming a baby did not erase her memory of her previous life. Therefore, her plan to make babies of the current Super Heroes would not erase their memories either and would not accomplish her purpose of raising them as villains.

Correction: We don't know her memory wasn't affected, after all she was raised by her former sidekick who could have filled in the blanks. Besides she's a technical genius who could probably whip up an amnesia ray at some point.

Corrected entry: When the new students arrive at the school, a girl freezes the kid with the laser eyes and another kid. Later on, kids are walking past the two, who are still frozen, but by the time they have the party, "Laser Eyes" is unfrozen.


Correction: Anything could have happened before this rather long period. Soembody with heat abilities in the school may have thawed him.

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Corrected entry: If Sue Tenney was a classmate of The Commander and Jetstream, she'd have been about 17 when she was turned into a baby again by The Pacifier. Assuming she aged again at the same rate, that was 17 years ago — but The Commander and Jetstream are a lot older than that.

Correction: There was no indication of the age of Sue (as Royal Pain), The Commander or Jet Stream when Sue was turned into an infant. Presumably this would have been after graduation since The Commander and Jet Stream were full-blown superheros at that point. Since Sue was returned to infancy, the time period between Gwen and Will would be correct allowing 3 years or so for Steve and Josie to get married and have their first child.

Steven Hart

Corrected entry: In the part where the school was falling from the sky, according to gravity rule, the heavier thing will fall faster. Since the weight of the school (and all the land of the school) is much more than Layla and the others, they should be on the ceiling of the school when the it was falling. But in the movie, Layla and other students were on the floor.

Correction: Galileo proved that all objects, regardless of their weight, fall at the same speed. Since Layla and the others were falling at the same rate as the school, they remained on the floor.

Corrected entry: In the first detention scene, when Warren looks over at Will to tell him something, the red highlight in his hair is gone. When he turns his head back, it is there again.

Correction: The light was reflecting off his hair in such a manner that the red streak blended in; I have dark green streaks in dark brown hair and that happens from time to time.

Audio problem: When Will meets Layla at the bus stop he says to her "You're not going to believe what happened to me last night," however his mouth continues to move after he says this. (00:59:00)

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Gwen Grayson: I went through puberty twice for this?!

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Question: Does anyone know what Mr. Boy's power is?

Answer: I'm pretty sure he has super jumping as you can see when there was an explosion in the science lab and also when he catches Josie in the school gym at homecoming.

Answer: He doesn't have one. Like Will in the beginning, he was assigned as a sidekick because he didn't have a power.

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