No Escape

Audio problem: When the good guys finally get the Chevy V8 running, the sound it makes sounds more like a moped than a high-performance engine. It has headers and no mufflers, so it should have been quite loud.

Mark Bernhard

Revealing mistake: When Ray Liotta's character fights the "lifeguard", the blade on the end of his spear is obviously made of rubber.

Mark Bernhard

Revealing mistake: Toward the end of the film, when the bad guys have invaded the good guy's camp, note the scar on the forehead of the lead baddie. The prosthetic scar is very obviously not real.

Mark Bernhard
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Warden: Was there something you wanted to add?
Robbins: Don't ever turn your back on me again.

The Father: You've got a terrible case of "nobody tells me what to do."

Marek: First prize is a chance to live, second prize... you really don't want to hear what the second prize is.

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