No Escape

No Escape (1994)

Ending / spoiler

Marek (Stuart Wilson) kills Father (Lance Henriksen). Robbins (Ray Liotta) kills Marek. Hawkins (Ernie Hudson) becomes the new leader of the Insiders. The spy among the Insiders who works for the warden is King (the guy who talked with Robbins about staying healthy when he arrived to the camp). The warden and a few soldiers go to the island on a helicopter. Before going to the island, the warden ordered a team to attack the prisoners on the island. Robbins and a few of the Insiders take the helicopter and leave the island. Robbins will use Father's journal to reveal what goes on in the island and he also wants to tell the truth about a mission he participated in that was covered up by his superiors. The last scene suggests that King and the warden will be killed by the Outsiders.

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