All Dogs Go to Heaven

Plot hole: They go and buy Anne Marie a whole new wardrobe. So, how come in the remainder of the movie she continues to wear her old rags?

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Itchy are escaping from the pound they are trying to dig under the fence. Someone is shooting at them and blows a huge hole in the fence. When the camera cuts to another shot of them going under the fence, the hole is now gone.

Continuity mistake: After Charlie returns to the casino from being busted out, he speaks to Carface and makes a deal. They go to celebrate and give him a gold watch necklace, which originally has a red strap. During the celebration, Charlie is tricked into sitting on a dock for his big "surprise". As Killer is blindfolding him, Charlie brings down his arms and for a few seconds, his strap is blue. After Killer walks away they cut back to Charlie, who is again wearing a red strap instead of blue. (00:12:40)

Trivia: Judith Barsi was killed by her father a year and half before the film's release. The song "Love Survives" was put in the soundtrack as a dedication to her memory.

Itchy Itchiford: Charlie, let me think about this.
Charlie: No! Don't think! From now on, I'll do the thinking.

Charlie: All we need now is a couple of bucks.
Itchy Itchiford: A couple of bucks, a couple of bucks.
Anne-Marie: A couple, a couple. Mmm, yeah! A mom and dad.
Charlie: Yeah, sure.

Dog: What are the odds on Terrible Tom?
Dog Bookie: Terrible.

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