All Dogs Go to Heaven

Charlie rescues Ann-Marie from Carface, who gets eaten by an alligator. However, Charlie's clock, that he stole and restarted in heaven, falls into deep water. It stops and Charlie dies. As the Hell Hound is searching for him, Charlie's ghost stops off at Ann-Marie's new home. All of a sudden, a white light appears and the Hell Hound backs off. Apparently, Charlie has been let back into heaven for sacrificing his own life to save Ann-Marie. Before he leaves, he tells Ann-Marie that he loves her and wants her to take care of his pal Itchy. Back in heaven, Carface has stolen his clock and wants to restart it so he can finish off the gator. The angel hound warns him that if he touches his clock, he'll never come back. Charlie, now an angel, says to the audience: "Oh, he'll be back."

Doug Hryniuk

Plot hole: They go and buy Anne Marie a whole new wardrobe. So, how come in the remainder of the movie she continues to wear her old rags?

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Carface: Morons! I'm surrounded by morons.

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Trivia: Judith Barsi was killed by her father a year and half before the film's release. The song "Love Survives" was put in the soundtrack as a dedication to her memory.

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