Visible crew/equipment: While Dr. Kinsey and the president of the university are talking with Dr. Greg about getting a grant from the Rockefeller Centre, in the mirror behind them on the right hand side you can see a crewmember ducking out of sight.

Trivia: The Final Interview Subject is played by Lynn Redgrave, who is Liam Neeson's (Alfred Kinsey) real life aunt-in-law. Lynn's niece, Natasha Richardson, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, is Liam's wife.

Sonja Marie

Trivia: John Lithgow plays Alfred Kinsey's father. In reality, he is only seven years older than Liam Neeson.

Alfred Kinsey: Everybody's sin is nobody's sin, and everybody's crime is no crime at all.

Alfred Kinsey: Love is the answer, isn't it? But sex raises a lot of very interesting questions.

Clara McMillen: I consider myself a free-thinker, and... frankly... I find you a little churchy.

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