The Professionals

Deliberate mistake: When Raza is chasing the "empty" train, as it goes over the trestle just before he stops it, you can see the engineer in the train's engine.

Factual error: In the scene where Lee Marvin states that Burt Lancaster loves explosions, Burt Lancaster makes a remark about the big bang theory. He says: the whole universe started with a big explosion. The film is set in 1917 which is 10 years before Georges LemaƮtre launched the big bang theory.

Continuity mistake: When rescuing Burt Lancaster whilst tied upside down in the canyon, watch the two bandits behind Lee Marvin when he jumps down, as they retrieve the rifles stood up against the rocks twice.

Bill Dolworth: The cemetery of nameless men. We buried some fine friends there.
Rico: And some fine enemies.
Bill Dolworth: That was one hell of a fine battle. Out-numbered and out-gunned and still we held that pass.
Rico: Yeah, but who cares now... or even remembers?

Maria Grant: Raza says you and he were good friends.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.
Maria Grant: And yet you would have killed him.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.
Maria Grant: For money.
Bill Dolworth: That's right.

J.W. Grant: I'm afraid you'll have to make them do.
Hans Ehrengard: Mister Grant, I can make them go, but I can't make 'em do.

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Question: Who was the $10,000 for?

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