The Professionals

The Professionals (1966)

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Corrected entry: When Lee Marvin confronts the 3 Mexicans hanging Burt Lancaster upside down, he is holding a revolver. When he cuts Burt down, he is holding an automatic.

Correction: Marvin has two pistols. Revolver and automatic. He drops the revolver on the ground then pulls the automatic from his left holster.

Corrected entry: When Chiquita gets shot and hits the ground,her gun ends up on the ground quite a distance away. Burt Lancaster holds her up, and she now has the gun and tries to shoot him.

Correction: You may have a bad copy or different edit. The version I have shows Chiquita crawl toward her gun while Bill (Burt Lancaster) is looking toward Raza. She grabs the gun and hides under her body.

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