Perfect Blue

Continuity mistake: When the guy at the concert is trying to sell the three remaining magazines, in the close-up shot of the magazines, he is holding them by the top of the page. But in the next shot, he is suddenly holding them by the bottom of the page. (00:01:20)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When CHAM first go on stage, many of the extras in the crowd are drawn without much detail put into their faces. Also, despite them cheering and being extremely excited to see the trio perform, they are shown standing completely still and not moving whatsoever. (00:02:30)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When Mima is at the supermarket, virtually every character shown standing in the background behind her is completely still and motionless, with no signs of body movement in the slightest. (00:03:34)

Casual Person

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Mima Kirigoe: What? This isn't true! I didn't write this.
Mima's Ghost: Of course you didn't. The real Mima is writing this.

Mima's Ghost: Nobody cares for you anymore. You're tarnished and you're filthy.

Mima Kirigoe: Excuse me... who are you? Excuse me... who are you?

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