The Gold Rush

Revealing mistake: When Chaplin is performing the Oceana Roll, the edge of his white makeup is visible on his right cheek.


Continuity mistake: Early in the film, after the tramp slides down the hill and takes out his map, he points to it. In the close-up shots he is not wearing gloves, but in the wide shot he has black gloves on.

Continuity mistake: When Big Jim saw the Little Fellow turn into a chicken for the second time, in the close up shot of Big Jim the knife is still seen lying on the table (which earlier was put away by the Little Fellow) and in the very next shot it disappears again from the table. (00:18:30)

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Trivia: In the famous scene where Chaplin eats a shoe, the shoe was made of licorice. Chaplin repeated the scene so many times that he was hospitalized for hyperglycemia.


Trivia: In the establishing shot of the gold rush miners, all the miners were played by homeless men hired off the street on the day of shooting.


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