The Caveman's Valentine

Continuity mistake: When the police secure the scene where Scotty was found a TV reporter makes a statement. She's standing in front of a tree with a big horizontal branch. When the camera angle changes the tree behind her is different with a much lower branch. (00:10:25)


Continuity mistake: After Romulus gets a second-hand suit from the bankrupcy lawyer he has met in the streets, they have a drink of Lime Rickey, a green cocktail. When Romulus asks the lawyer if he doesn't want his wife to learn about 'Stuyvesant' the lawyer takes a sip, but his drink has turned orange. (00:31:40)


Continuity mistake: After the night with Moira Romulus goes down to the ground floor and gets dressed. Then he sneaks through a door that leads him into the torture chamber. He turns the light on, gets scared, and leaves the room through the same door which now takes him outside instead of back where he had come from. (00:59:50)

More mistakes in The Caveman's Valentine

Bob: What do you play?
Romulus Ledbetter: My skull.

Romulus Ledbetter: I'm not homeless...I live in a cave.

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