The Caveman's Valentine

Continuity mistake: When the police secure the scene where Scotty was found a TV reporter makes a statement. She's standing in front of a tree with a big horizontal branch. When the camera angle changes the tree behind her is different with a much lower branch.



Continuity mistake: After Romulus gets a second-hand suit from the bankrupcy lawyer he has met in the streets, they have a drink of Lime Rickey, a green cocktail. When Romulus asks the lawyer if he doesn't want his wife to learn about 'Stuyvesant' the lawyer takes a sip, but his drink has turned orange.



Continuity mistake: After the night with Moira Romulus goes down to the ground floor and gets dressed. Then he sneaks through a door that leads him into the torture chamber. He turns the light on, gets scared, and leaves the room through the same door which now takes him outside instead of back where he had come from.



Continuity mistake: When we are inside of Romulus's cave for the first time the scene starts with a shot on his TV. Then the camera pans across the cave, and when we see the TV again there's a candle in a red plastic cup in front which wasn't there before.



Continuity mistake: When Romulus walks out of his cave for a morning pee he finds Scotty's frozen body sitting on a tree. When the camera shows the body from below the position of the hands in his lap is different.



Continuity mistake: In the first scene of the movie when the social welfare worker tries to talk to Romulus, a clipboard appears in his arm when he asks who 'Stuyvesant' is. Then the way he is holding the clipboard keeps changing (clutched to his chest, under his arm, or in front as if he were ready to write something).



Continuity mistake: When Romulus goes in the car with Lulu and asks for Scotty's autopsy report she gets mad and pulls over. The right front wheel stops in a large puddle of several square meters. The camera cuts back inside to them arguing, and when he leaves the car the puddle is gone.



Continuity mistake: When Romulus goes to Leppenraub's farm in Arnold's car a tear appears under his right eye which disappears again in the next shot.



Continuity mistake: Moira's fluffy bangs turn straggly between shots when she asks Romulus into her place at night. They undergo further changes as the scene goes on.



Continuity mistake: Romulus wears a shiny wedding ring throughout the movie, only his hand double during the piano performance at Leppenraub's farm is wearing a matt one.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning Romulus sees a young man writing "help me" on a wall column and running away. Romulus walks over and reads, then starts one of his schizophrenic dialogs with the man who is long gone. When the camera cuts to a wide angle he is standing at a different column much farther away.



Continuity mistake: Romulus's daughter Lulu's house no. is 68, as we can see when Romulus leaves a note on her mailbox. When he gets beaten up by the two no-face hitmen they threaten to torture his "daughter who lives in 135, Cole street".

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