The Maltese Falcon

Visible crew/equipment: After the ship's captain delivers the Falcon to Sam Spade's office, he collapses on the leather sofa in the foreground. Just after Spade's secretary says, "Is he ...?", the shadow of someone's head passes over the sofa.

Continuity mistake: After going through his pockets, Spade holds Joel Cairo's three passports in his hand, but if you watch closely he puts four passports onto the top of the table. (00:25:50)


Continuity mistake: At Spade's apartment, Brigid O'Shaughnessy tells Joel Cairo, "I haven't got the falcon, I'll have it in another week at most, though". The lamp on the table of the right of the screen changes position throughout the scene without anyone going near it. At first it's pointing downward then later it's pointing sideways at the three of them. (00:35:35)

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Tom: What is the Maltese Falcon made of, to make it so special?
Spade: The stuff that dreams are made of.


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