The Maltese Falcon

Visible crew/equipment: After the ship's captain delivers the Falcon to Sam Spade's office, he collapses on the leather sofa in the foreground. Just after Spade's secretary says, "Is he ...?", the shadow of someone's head passes over the sofa.

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Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the movie, Kasper Gutman gets ready to leave and as he passes in front of Brigid O'Shaughnessy an equipment shadow appears on her head.



Visible crew/equipment: Spade returns to Brigid O'Shaughnessy's apartment and tells her about his meeting with Joel Cairo. Right when he says, "He offered me $5,000 for the black bird," the shadow of the boom mike can be seen above the fireplace.



Visible crew/equipment: As Wilmer Cook walks Spade up to Kasper Gutman's hotel room a boom mike shadow appears on Cook before they enter the room.



Visible crew/equipment: Before Spade walks into Kasper Gutman's hotel room there's one chair against the far wall. When he leaves the room there are two.



Visible crew/equipment: As Spade gives the guns back to Wilmer Cook in Kasper Gutman's hotel room an equipment shadow appears on Cook as they proceed to the couch.



Visible crew/equipment: When detective Dundy visits Spade in the middle of the night and asks, "What kind of gun do you carry?" an equipment shadow can be seen moving above Spade's head on the lamp.



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