Good Boy!

Continuity mistake: In the scene where all of the dogs are talking in the Garage Nelly goes under a tarp of some sort.In one shot she is going under the tarp the next she is out of the tarp.And then she is back under the tarp.

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Continuity mistake: When all of the dogs are chasing the two bullies and they are jumping over the leather couch, one of the dogs goes under the couch twice between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When the bullies run through the backyard open house reception they are covered in whip cream in every shot except the last one.

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Trivia: The boy who played Owen received a dog just like Nelly at the end of shooting the film. The crew pretended it was an extra scene so he would be surprised.

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Trivia: When Molly Shannon puts up the For Sale sign, look at the phone number, it is the same as Kevin Spacey's work line from American Beauty.(5550199).


Dion Marui



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