Good Boy!

Corrected entry: In the scene where all the dogs are chasing the bullies, they stop at a red light, then one of them (I believe it's the poodle) shouts "Green means go." Only none of this is possible because dogs are color blind and wouldn't be able to tell what color the lights would be.

Correction: This is not true, for it has been proven that dogs can see colors.

Corrected entry: Before Owen moves, he is seen packing Hubble's 'Woofer'. But later, when Hubble and the other dogs come back from space, Hubble has his woofer inside his ship.

Correction: Hubble have obtained another craft from the mothership as the old one was destroyed when he landed, therefore, it would make sense that another woofer would be aboard the ship as it is a different ship entirely.

Corrected entry: After Hubble gets the pie dropped on his head, there is a large blob of whip cream on his head, but when he's talking to the Greater Dane, the pile disappears.

Correction: It's entirely likely that Hubble shook his head to remove the foreign object (pie/whip cream) in between shots.


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