Calendar Girls

Continuity mistake: When Chris runs out of the door to the Hollywood film studio following Annie she is barefoot. When the shot changes and they emerge into the alleyway behind the studio they are both wearing slippers.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the women are at the pool in LA, the lady who plays the piano at the WI meetings gets up and goes to the piano by the pool. She is in a swimsuit and has her back to us, but she has no tattoo. The tattoo was seen earlier in the movie when she was getting ready to participate in the calendar.

Revealing mistake: In the scene with the press conference, as Chris is making her way to the front, journalists are holding cassette recorders out, as if seeking comment. The problem comes in that they are playing their recorders, but not recording, since the play buttons are pushed, but the red record buttons are not.

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Trivia: Ciaran Hinds who plays the role of the husband of Chris, had also starred with Helen Mirren in the award winning series Prime Suspect 3, back in 1993.


Trivia: At least six of the real "Calendar Girls" on which the story is based can be seen at the W.I. meetings. They don't have any lines, though.


Chris: T minus two hours. Bras off to avoid strap marks.
Celia: As we speak darling, as we speak.

Chris: Lawrence, we're going to need considerably bigger buns.

Annie: Jessie, we're getting to the point now where we really need to commit.
Jessie: No front bottoms.
Annie: What?
Jessie: I'm in. Just no front bottoms. That's a sight I reserved for just one man in my life.
Annie: Do you think your husband would mind?
Jessie: It wasn't my husband.

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