Revealing mistake: In the scene where Edward Burns, Paul Giamatti and Brian Van Holt are at Big Al's house, Big Al is dead in his chair with his eyes open. As Edward Burns walks in front of him, Big Al blinks his eyes.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jake introduces Lily and Lupus to the other two guys the white screen is visible in Lupus's left glass lens at the beginning of the scene.

Continuity mistake: While Manzano is asking Jake about Gunther, Lily is standing in the background. In alternate shots she keeps switching between holding on to the strap of her bag and fiddling with some keys. (01:06:30)

More mistakes in Confidence

King: Sometimes, Jake, style can get you killed.

Jake: Lying, cheating, manipulating... it all came very naturally to me.

King: You're a good grifter, man. It's hard to tell when you're lying.

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