Lone Star State of Mind

Continuity mistake: When the convict comes back to say sorry for killing Earl's dad after the shootout, watch every shot of Tinker in this scene. In one of them, you can see Tinker's back teeth shiny white and clean, while his front teeth are his usual rotten yellow colour. Obviously, the make up artists never applied the fake yellow teeth to the back molars.

Kelsey H.

Tinker: I don't got nothing to say.
Earl: Well, that's good, 'cause I was planning on doing most of the talking anyhow.

Doctor: Well, you need to tell that idiot who shot you that he better take some shooting lessons.
Earl: Now, don't be TOO disappointed, Doc.

Doctor: That Flossie's one hell of a girl, don't you think?
Jimbo: Gramps... I'm GAY.
Doctor: I hear ya.
Jimbo: Oh, just forget it.

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