Boat Trip

Factual error: Inga comes from Gettzem├╝llersteigen, Sweden. However the Swedish alphabet does not contain the letter ├╝. Also the combination of the letters in this name would never occur in the Swedish language, rather in German languages.

Continuity mistake: When the coach is grabbing Inga's buttocks, she is seen grabbing them with both hands but when the camera angle changes her right hand is at her side. Happens twice during the scene each time she grabs them. (00:36:50)


Continuity mistake: When Jerry faints, Nick drags him out pulling him by his right hand, which then switches to the left in the next shot.

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Game Show Host: And how about you, Bachelor #3? What's the most unusual place that you ever made love?
Bachelor #3: Inside a woman.

Lloyd Faversham: You may think of me as simply a hard-partying old queen, but for your information I spent 32 years in the SAS, serving Her Majesty, the real Queen. I've been in five different theaters of war, done 490 jumps, 27 of them into hostile territory. I'm what you colonials might call a bad-assed motherfucker, who happens to be skilled in the fine art of Japanese flower-arranging.

Felicia: Be careful with those briefcases, they're worth more than what you make in a year.

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